Rental Products

USB Data Card Rentals USB Data Card Rentals

Rent a USB Data Card to get your computer online.

Simply install software from the included CD, insert the card into a USB port, and connect.

*Not compatible with Mac OSX10, Windows 8 or 10.  Use Personal Hotspot instead.

Personal Hotspot Rentals Personal Hotspot Rentals

Rent a Personal Hotspot to get up to 10 devices online.

Connect Laptops, iPads, Kindles, and more to the internet wirelessly.

No software to install.  Just turn on the Hotspot and then have your device connect to its wireless network.

Activate Your Own Equipment Activate Your Own Equipment

Do you already own AT&T or Verizon Mobile Broadband Equipment and want to get online quickly?

Let us activate your equipment for short-term use and save yourself  the hassle of a credit check, deposit, or contract.

Commercial Router Rentals Commercial Router Rentals

Specialized equipment to get an entire group online at your event.

No software to install.  Just connect the equipment and power on to provide a wireless network your users can connect to.

Multiple internet connections from multiple carriers can be combined to share with all connected  users.